Welcome to Worcester Community Land Cooperative

WCLC is a not for profit cooperative set up with the aim of identifying and developing under-utilised in Worcestershire for organic and sustainable food production for the benefit of the local community.

Currently we are developing allotments, an orchard and enhancing biodiversity on a piece of unused land near Worcester City centre.

Details of the project can be found on our project page.


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Want an allotment?

Veg form allotment

We are looking for people or groups interested in taking an allotment. Allotments are ready and waiting!

If you are interested please contact us using details on the allotment page


Sponsor a tree

Apple tree

If you would like to help out the project you can sponsor an tree or a section of hedgerow  from £10. If you would like to contribute then please look at our sponsor a tree page


Like Cider?

apples in orchard

We are looking for a group who would like to help in managing a fruit orchard, including production of cider and other products.

If you are interested please contact using details on the about us page


Thanks to our local supporters.